OLD LEFTY'S RUBBIN' 'N' RACIN' is an offbeat, one-button party game about driving bouncy vehicles and turning left. Local multiplayer is the focus; groups of up to four friends take to the track and bump into each other as they traverse twelve handcrafted tracks. Two wrongs don't make a right, but three lefts do.


Making its debut on the Austin, TX indie scene in 2019, OLD LEFTY'S is a popular attraction at events such as South by Southwest and IndieCade Annex. Its insta-fun design, ultra-accessibility, and shiny arcade cabinet attracts gamers and non-gamers of all kinds. Targeting the emerging indie arcade market, the focus is bringing people together with games. Buzz surrounding the game spread by word of mouth, leading The Austin Chronicle to name it runner-up in its Best Games of Austin 2019.


  • Whip goofy vehicles around 12 handmade tracks packed with gnarly jumps and sneaky-snake shortcuts.
  • Local multiplayer for up to 4 players.
  • A kart racer without a learning curve — gamers and non-gamers pick it up instantly.
  • Competitive depth — shave milliseconds off your best times and compete on the leaderboards. (No joke: an early playtester played so much his arm fell asleep.)
  • Unique power-ups — cheat and disrupt the competition.
  • Accessibility out the wazoo — its one-buttion design means people of all abilites can play. If you can touch a thing, you can play game.


Awards & Recognition

  • "Runner-Up — Best Games of Austin" The Austin Chronicle 2019

Selected Articles

  • If there was any justice in the world, this currently one-off, event-specific game would be in every bar.
    James Renovitch, The Austin Chronicle

About Kyle Reinfeld Games

Kyle Reinfeld is an independent game developer living in Austin, Texas. He makes games that bring people together.
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